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A Knight in the Attic is available now on
Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest!

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Dear Adventurers,

Guide Guinevere on a quest to save the kingdom from darkness. Find mysterious objects in a living labyrinth board to solve unique puzzles and defeat the evil Mordred, all from the comfort of your grandmother’s attic.

A Knight in the Attic invites you to pull open the latch and sneak up to your grandmother’s mysterious yet cozy attic, where your curiosity will be rewarded with adventure – if you are up to the challenge! What begins as a dusty labyrinth board transforms to reveal an entire world in peril, and a willing hero, Guinevere, who needs your help.

Take the world in your hands, and roll Guinevere through puzzle-filled levels, filled with strange objects that help guide you along your journey, from cranks and hammers to scrolls and an old notebook that tells the story of Camelot.


  • Cozy and relaxing VR you can play while you sit
  • Puzzles that make you think out of the box. Literally!
  • A magical world that unfolds as you roll through, right before your eyes
  • Explore and collect scrolls for more challenges and replayability
  • A unique new take on the Knights of the Round table story!
  • Available on Meta Quest 1 and 2 headsets
A screenshot showing Guinevere rolling through a grassy level while the player looks at sketches in a notebook left by their grandmother.

Begin Your Adventure

Explore Grandma’s dusty attic, where you will uncover the story and secrets of a mysterious board game.

A screenshot showing Guinevere on a glowing platform with a magical bee hovering above her and a story scroll beside her.

Enter A Magical World

Get lost in a magical world of wizardry and wonder, as A Knight in the Attic takes you on an enchanting journey.

A screenshot showing Guinevere waiting for the player to help her open a gate so she can roll onwards in her adventure.

Guide The Way

Solve puzzles to guide Lady Guinevere through a labyrinthian land on her quest to save King Arthur, and reclaim the throne!

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