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A Knight in the Attic

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A Knight in the Attic is available now on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest!

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Mighty Yell invites you to an all-new adventure...

A king gone missing, a realm in jeopardy, and a kingdom living in fear.

You must save them all from your grandmother's attic.

Witness a world within a world, where every object holds a secret, and every memory is filled with magic.

Guide Guinevere, and save the land from darkness.

None of us is ever prepared for the challenges ahead, but you might be.

A Knight in the Attic coming April 13th.

[Mysterious medieval music]


Dear Adventurers,

Guide Guinevere on a quest to save the kingdom from darkness. Find mysterious objects in a living labyrinth board to solve unique puzzles and defeat the evil Mordred, all from the comfort of your grandmother's attic.

A Knight in the Attic invites you to pull open the latch and sneak up to your grandmother's mysterious yet cozy attic, where your curiosity will be rewarded with adventure - if you are up to the challenge! What begins as a dusty labyrinth board transforms to reveal an entire world in peril, and a willing hero, Guinevere, who needs your help.

Take the world in your hands, and roll Guinevere through puzzle-filled levels, filled with strange objects that help guide you along your journey, from cranks and hammers to scrolls and an old notebook that tells the story of Camelot.


  • In-game tutorials show button glyphs and positions on the gamepad. Visualizations for all tool actions can be accessed at any time in the journal.
  • Levels are designed to be 5-15 minutes long to facilitate frequent breaks.
  • Dialogue waits for player input to progress.


  • Captions for scrolls help increade readability. Dialogue is text-only.
  • All text is designed to be high contrast in a readable font.
  • All UI elements can be grabbed and independently moved closer/further from the player to enhance readability.
  • No information is conveyed by colour alone.
  • A marker indicates where dialogue is in the world if the player is not facing it.
  • The camera can be adjusted by using the Oculus button at any time.
  • Screen reader support is not available for A Knight in the Attic.


  • Audio levels for music and sound effects/voices can be controlled separately.
  • You can toggle monoaural or binaural sound.
  • No actions are indicated by sound alone.
  • You can toggle haptic feedback for actions.
  • Scroll text and dialogue are not narrated; they are only visual.


  • Gameplay is fully seated and all actions are within arm's length with minimal requirement to bend or twist.
  • You can play the game and access menus one-handed with either hand.
  • You can tilt the game board with one hand, both hands, or with either analogue stick.
  • There is no in-game locomotion (the player camera is fixed in one position for the whole game).
  • You have the ability to adjust the character's speed/momentum and the speed/momentum of objects in the world independently at any time.
  • Control remapping is not available for A Knight in the Attic.


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