So you think you’ve got the skills for video game voiceover? Prove it! Enter THE BIG CONtest and you could be featured in our game!

Winners will have their voiceover featured as one of our radical, randomly chosen non-player characters, plus receive a free Steam download of THE BIG CON and a radical t-shirt!

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Click THIS link to find:
a) Your voiceover script with instructions;
b) and a sample sound file to guide you.
Record your voiceover audition video… get creative! You can use the sample sound file as a guide to help with timing. Be sure to use a headset or good quality mic, and record in a quiet place; maybe try stepping into a closet to get the best quality!
Post your voiceover audition video on social media with #TheBigContest hashtag.
Submit your audition link to THE BIG CONtest using THIS form so we can contact you if you win!
Submission done? Tell your friends!